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Welcome to DavidGeffenLaw.com

David Geffen Law is a Santa Monica-based law firm protecting the rights of individuals in the following practice areas: ADA LAW – the right to access public places - EMPOYMENT LAW - including wrongful termination, reasonable accommodation, whistle blowing, wage claims, discrimination, and severance agreements - HOUSING DISCRIMINATION, and SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY. 

David Geffen Law represents individuals in litigation, while offering ongoing educational and consulting services to employers and businesses.                        

Established in 1987 by David Geffen as a general litigation practice, David Geffen Law has taken more than 70 cases to trial and represented hundreds of clients with a 98% success rate.  The firm has successfully appealed and defended several lower court decisions through the California and United States District Court appellate process. (Published opinions: Anthony v. City of Los Angeles (2008) 166 Cal.App.4th 1011; Sherman v. Kinetic Concepts Inc., (1998) 67 Cal.App.4th 1152.)

David Geffen Law distinguishes itself from other law firms with excellent customer service, high ethical standards, and unusual compassion.  David Geffen Law works closely with the client to build the strongest case possible.         

Fees: In most cases involving litigation, David Geffen Law works on a contingency basis.  The attorney fees are paid out of a settlement or judgment.  There is no fee unless there is a successful resolution of the case.                                                       

Case review: If you would like David Geffen Law to consider your case, please fill out one of the Client Intake Forms on the Practice Areas Page or Contact Page.

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